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car repair

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Help with car repairs

Just hit a raccoon on my way back from the gas station. 2013 white ford focus titanium. Total cost for damages(not including body work) is going to be $850
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I need help to fix my car, it needs an engine replacement which will cost $2100.00. please if you can help me get the car fixed, i will use it to do lyft ridesharing and withing two months will pay back 2,600.00. Please help me, it is very urgent. Thanks in advance
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car repairs needed, free car repair ministries: I am a single mother of a child who is disabled and receives

I am a single mother of a minor child who is disabled and receives SSI. I just found out that our car (that we received from a charity) needs a rear bearing replaced. The rear bearing is an essential part of the suspension and if not fixed can lead to a major accident with the entire wheel breaking off the vehicle. I have priced it with a lot of mechanics and the census is that it cost $400 plus. We do not have that money, which means we will be letting the car just sit in the driveway. Also means I will need to find another means of transportation to her weekly doctors appointments. I have even researched trying to buy the part myself & trying to do the repairs DIY, however it looks as if I will need tools that are expensive (jack, etc...). I am at a loss as what to do. I would be more than willing to do the repairs myself with the supervision of a mechanic. I live in the South Bay Area in California.
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Does anyone know of low cost/ help with car repair for a low income disabled person in Maryland so I can drive to a clinic each day?
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car repair, Desperate Need Your donation: I am a single mom of a disabled child in very desperate need of car

I am a single mom of a disabled child in very desperate need of car repairs. I have no money. I work fulltime but will lose my job without my car as I need it to get my daughter from school to home during my lunch hour and the public transportion takes over 2 hours. I do not qualify for any low income emergency services as I have a fulltime job. I need help now.
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to anyone:

Ok. This must be the longest long shot I've ever taken, but after the past month, I'm willing to take a stab at anything humanly possible. I am 22 years old. I am just a normal girl who decided it was time to move out of her parents house. Not that I didn't love being there, but it wasn't their job to take care of me anymore. I have been at the same job since high school; I recently became full-time. I make $10 an hour, which isn't much but is enough to pay rent at my crappy apartment, pay the electric bill, & buy food. The food part gets tricky; I have become very fond of ramon noodles with a slice of cheese. I have a $1,010 dollar student loan that I pay the standard $50 minimum payment on per month. Last May, after some occasional stomach discomfort, I decided to see a Dr. After over $2,700 in medical bills, I have been told I have Focal Nodular Hyperplasia...a nice way of saying,'hey you have some tumors on your liver but you're alright.' I pay $175 a month to a collection agency to slowly get them paid off. I now have insurance, but I was uninsured at the time. Now, today, after hearing some minor scraping while hitting the brakes on my 07 PT Cruiser, I have found out that many things on my car have decided to give me trouble. If I knew the exact term, is surprise myself, but after paying for new brakes and rotors, they tell me my radiator fan isn't blowing. He may as well have been speaking German to me, because all I heard was 'ching, ching.' As sure as the sky is blue, I need 800 dollars to fix this. Apparently my car will keep running hot until its fixed. So here it is: I need help.. Like I need it more than anyone. Because if I can't get to work with my car, I'm as sure as broke. Thanks for listening.
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Victory and Faith  

transportation need HELP

Happy New Years everyone,I pray all our needs will be taken care of in a timely manner.please forgive me for i am new at this PC stuff,this is the first time writing a post so please have patience with me.well I am disabled have MS and to many other illnesses to mention at this time,anyway for christmas my van broke down on me the transaxle,so I am left stranded here in Los Alamos,NM,and i have four Doctors to see every month.all i know is that i need some serious help eaither getting my van fixed its a Dodge caravan,or help with getting another car. three of my DRs are Fifty miles away,the Neurolgist,Pain specialist and phical thearpy,only the pcp works in my home town,since i live in the mountains i have to travel to get to the specialists.I broke down once before and called for medical transport to get to the doctors,and they never showed up ! really i found out the transport would of driven about 100miles to pick me up so they just did"t bother.anyway I really need some serious Help.I am on disability thats about 674.00 per month,I could make small payments if anyone could help me towards a car please let me know.Thank you. with Faith we will be Victorious

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FRUSTRATED !!! This Christmas will be the worst EVER !!!

I am so very FRUSTRATED. I am still struggling to find a way to provide and its dead ends at every turn. Its not going to be a great Christmas for the kids this year at all.

I need work on my car done and cant afford it, no money for christmas gifts, and charities say I applied too late. I need real, tangible, practical help from someone who cares, not well wishers who dont put their sentiments into action.

HELP !!! Can anyone help in a real way???? PLEASE ?
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Aidpage Open Letter: Desperate in Alabama and grateful for financial help around the holidays!

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama;

My ahusband and I are disabled and we have 3 kids we are having transportation trouble our car broke down and we have no money to fix the car and need money for this months car payment. We have no public transportation here in Boaz,Alabama and my husband and I can't walk too well very far, both of us have bad back and athritis. So its very important that we need help before the 10th of December to get it fixed and car payment made. Please help us with this so we can get our quality of life back. We are not used to be in this kind of a financial bind,especially around Christmas time, we have no money for Christmas this year.  Help us in Alabama and thank you, God Bless You!


Post Open Letter to your Elected Representatives

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It got worse, I am ready to call it quits

IT GOT WORSE..... I have had it. If I dont come up with $1000 by the end of the month, I lose everything.... literally. At that point, i am completely done trying and will have nothing else to lose....Its hard to move forward when it is overwhelming againt you.

i spent the day trying to call every church, government program, charity, ministry, community group, united way, etc...... I heard NO alot and some told me not to call back.

I am tired of this and am ready to call it quits
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funds for car repair for single mom of 4 who does work fulltime but has 2 disabled sons. NEED HELP!!!

hello I am single mom of four and my car just broke today. The shop says it needs the lifters done which isnt that expensive for the parts but the labor is huge! the bill will be about $700 I was told. I work full time as a property manager so I can be close to home to care for my two disabled sons Especially during the summer. Problem is that I need my car to run checks to the banks and forms to the corp office. If they find out my car is broken I may get fired and end up homeless. Where can I get some help with the car repairs so I can 1 take my boys to the dr appts they need and 2 keep my job. I barely make it pay day to pay day now and do get 86.00 a month in food stamps which really helps..... I just need some funds for the unexpected!!! Please help or tell me where I may possibly get some help. Thanks for reading and God Bless all of you. I count my blessings every day and reading some of the other stories on here WOW my problems are not so bad today. Good luck to everyone who is in need. May you get the help you need.
Struggling MOM
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i just lost my transportation for over a month of walking in the 90 plus weather for food and soon to be no water and also no power. i am not getting a court date on social security until 2012 of jan. if i receive it. i pray i do. i need your prays for my family. i have no internet to answer any e-mails only at libary can i check. we need donations of 1.00 to whatever, my car timing and water has to be replaced. i have parts and no one to put it on. it costs 400-600 at an auto shop. 124 spring st. stockbridge ga. if you would like to send anything at all (attention to bonnie). thank you and god bless you!

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need help with car repair/insunce and tags and my sons where blessed with a truck after a year or more without a car. the promblem is the radiater has a small hole in it and we cant get the money to have it fix. we found someone that said they can fix it for 40-75 dollars depends on the size of the hole. also we have no money for car insurance and tags for the be able to get this truck on the road will be a true blessing from God. we have no way of getting around and if we could find help with this request would be great...thank you

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For Money to Get Car Repair So my Kids will not Be Cold in the Car

Hello, to all I am here to ask for help with getting my car repaired so that we could have heat in the car. I have four kids that I take to school every morning and last week my heater coil went out in my car. I found a good mechanic that said he would do it for me for $125 which is a wonderful price considering that he has to take my dash out to get to it. I have to buy the part which is $48.99 from the local Auto Zone. Please if anyone out there could help with this request it would be so much appreciated and my kids will not continue to freeze in the mornings going to school. We live in Michigan and it has been getting colder and colder by the day. I do have paypal if anyone can donate. Thank you so much for reading and ((hugs)) to all.

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Is there help for my son?

I am concerned about my son's well being, both physically and emotionally. He moved with his girlfriend and her daughter to Marietta, GA(where her family lives) in hopes to find a job (We live in the 2nd highest unemployment area in the country). I gave him my old car, they loaded it up with what little they had. Now he is not having any better luck there than he did here. Plus to add to an already stressful situation, the transmission went out in the car so he has no transportation. He does not have his high school diploma/GED. And he does not have the money to get it. He has an AZ license, but most of the places he's applied want him to have a GA license. I cannot help him anymore, since I am the one that paid for them to go there (and it put me in a tight situation).

He is also concerned that his girlfriend's mom is going to kick him out (personality conflicts, my son is quiet/shy, they are more socialable and don't understand why he doesn't participate in conversations with them and prefers to read rather than sit and do nothing with them). If this happens, he doesn't even have the car to live in, since it's inoperable at this time.

Are there any programs available to him and/or to them as a couple? (the stress is obviously affecting their relationship) He'd replace that transmission himself, if he had the means to buy a replacement and if he still had all his tools.

He has a goal of getting his GED, getting his electicians certification (or whatever) and doing that. But he can't do that if he's living on the street which i think is in his future. I don't know of shelters or soup kitchens i can direct him to, because I have never been to the area. If he is kicked out of his girlfriend's house, he will of course let her keep the food stamp card that they got while here in AZ.

He is a very hard worker. He grew up doing construction along side his dad. (concrete and building houses) He also is very mechanical. He has rebuilt several engines and even has the car that is in his possession running half off hydrogen and half off gas (before the transmission went out).

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as i already said where is the aid

i came to this sight praying there truly was aid joke i should have known that a few people have giving me words of hope but hope is not what i need help is what i need ive studied the sight and have found no one that has recieved aid yes maybe suggestions but most of us have already tried all paths out there from local to gov were here to touch the heart of someone that out of the kindness of there hearts and in the name of god are willing to do a good deed i wish i could be someone in the possition to do those deeds for someone so in need and to be able to lay my head down at night with a full heart but no the aid sight is not wheres its going to happen prayers to all out there that wished and prayed for that special someone that would step up and say hey i will help you out there are no angels here just false hope sadly god bless you all i pray all of you find yours needs fulfilled some where prayers to all deb

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About debbie5ply

hello to all that read this my name is debbie and i am ill i have been on total disability since 2002 as i am sure you all know monthly income from such is very low after i pay my bills i have nothing last winter i went without heat i could not find help i eat ooddles of noodles for my diet because they are only 10 cents a piece and also food is not in my budjet my true need though is my car is broke down ive been told it will cost around 1100.00 to repair the bearings and joints are shot the brakes and the front tires i have been told not to drive it because the front tires may fall off but i have to much of a need for it not to even though i am so scared to do this but i have doctor appointments have to go to the hospital need to get my meds so i have no other option where i live there are not buses i live almost an hour away from my doctor i know i am asking for alot but i dont know what else to do there is no way i can afford to fix it so i am asking if any one out there can help me i am in maine maybe a garage could donate there help i really dont expect that though but if there is someone that could help financially i could never express the gratitude i would have for those of you that read this and wish you could help i say god bless you i send this out now with a prayer thankyou for reading  debbie

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About steven34

Hello everyone, im Steven Hardy and im a fulltime student at the College of Coastal Georgia. Lately, it seems like everything hasn't been going my way. I lost my job because the company went out of business. Because of that, i cant pay for my car which needs repairing, my student loans, let alone my apartment. If anyone can find some kindness in their hearts to help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post

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About snowowl1

This is very hard for me to do, in more ways than one. I am not a person to ask for help and I am now suffering from a traumatic brain injury. I am not able to work and things are falling apart. We are falling behind on our house payments; our car needs tires and some other work because my husband works an hour from where we live. We are in DESPARATE need of a new roof as well. We have been trying to get assistance from our community but it seems nothing is working out. With the economy the way it is so many people are in need of help and waiting lists are long. I know things happen for a reason, I have always believed this, but I just wish I knew the reason. I have always faced hardship my entire life and worked very hard for what I do have. I have always been one to help everyone out but when it comes time for others to help me, well let’s just say it never happens. My birthday gift 3 years ago was the labor to put in a new front door. I purchased the new door; well that new door is still in my garage not installed. I don't know where to turn; I have never been able to ask for help, I feel embarrassed to do so. It is talking all my strength just to type this because of my injury and even more to even post this, but if anyone is willing to help, with anything it would be greatly appreciated! God bless you on this Easter day.

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About war1ren



I'm in Colorado and am searching the internet for govern. grants or non profit organizations that can help with car repair so I can pass emissions. 


Any suggestions?

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